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Sychene is a software house based in Switzerland developing tailored applications in the most different market sectors ranging from financial/warehouse software to industrial automation/high performance software. We have an extensive experience with large-scale full life-cycle software projects and a variety of environment and technologies. Our systems are designed to evolve and to be easily adapted to new needs.

Bring intelligence to things

EDIAir - Cargo Management System


The leading SYCHENE product, EDIAir is a complete system for air cargo management. Carefully designed and higly modular, EDIAir can be customized in any air cargo environment according to the need of any customer. An extremely flexible connectivity module using all modes, CCS, email, ftp etc. and an extraordinary richness of functions and features and not least a very interesting price, makes EDIAir the ideal product for Ground Handlers and Carriers. Very user-friendly dialogues make EDIAir easy to learn and use by your staff. EDIAir has extremely short lead-time from order to delivery.

Solutions for the sky

Industrial Automation


A long experience and a range of complex application at his credit, makes Sychene the best partner for the development of Industrial automation software. Extremely active in the analysis and implementation of Integrated Development Environment for specific hardware, Sychene projects and develops programming languages, visual editors, debuggers and compilers. Sychene has developed highly reliable numerical controls which have a modern environment, are extremely configurable and able to fully satisfy even the moste demanding user. Combining hardware and software technical expertise, Sychene develops innovative PLCs standing out because of their easiness, power and flexibility.

Beyond technology

Software Development

Monitor Software Software Software Software

The ability to deal with the most demanding software development offering simple and effective solution is what distinguish Sychene. We develop software for a large range of system (embedded, real-time, windows/linux, x86, PowerPc, MicroChip microcontroller etc.) in the following sectors: industrial automation, networking, financial/warehouse, educational and experimental psychology. We are also particularly active in the compiler and IDE development. Services offered by Sychene are the development of full application (from the requirements gathering to the installation), the development of software module interfacing to other software and consulting.

Evolving software

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