Mapsi is a 3D environment used for interactive marketing presentations and motion simulations of industrial machinery. It consists of three parts:

  • Catalogue: a technical catalogue, with 3D simulation of each mechanical device
  • Configurator: an application to create and to show different machinery configurations
  • 3D Animations: 3D animations (simulation) of complex machinery built on catalogue devices

Mapsi allows to assembly 3D models of industrial machinery and to show 3D animations of them from different views. Mapsi has been developed using Macromedia Director, the Lingo language, the library 3D Xtra and some C++ code.

Lingo Example

on new me, aLine, aXPos, aYPos, AZPos, aRailMode
  ancestor = new(script "Module", aLine, "MOD_1_NEW", "MODULO_2_NEW", 150.0, 80.3, 95.0, aXPos, aYPos, AZPos)
  add ancestor.pLine.pModuleList, me
  -- addDefaultHook(me)
  if (aRailMode = VOID) or (ARailMode= "") then
    aRailMode = "315P1"
  end if
 repeat with i = 1 to pTensionerList.count
    p = pTensionerList[i]
 end repeat

Technical Catalogue

Mapsi catalogue is interactive. It does not simply contain static text or text with movie. Mapsi contains 3D simulation of each device. In this way it is possible to see how each device works, change point of view, zoom etc. Furthermore a simulation allows to see physical device configuration that have never been built (and consequently impossible to film).

Product Configurator

The configurator is a tool that allows to assembly different catalogue devices, to configure the features of each one and to arrange them in a 3D environment. The system also gives a price estimation of the assembled module.

3D Animations

The 3D animations module allows to see running examples of complex devices. User can interact with the animations changing the point of view or acting on a series of parameters in order to modify the behavior of the simulation. For example it is possible to specify accelerations, working time winding details (in case of winding machine) etc.

3D Programming

The development atmosphere Director offers a development atmosphere 3D very made and simple to use. It is possible to shape if make use of DirectX or OpenGL. Moreover is previewed the possibility to use the C++ bookcases developed from the customer in order to carry out specific tasks.

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