Obe is a software emulator for the OB1 plc (a computer-like device based on PIC MicroChip microcontroller). Obe simulates the behavior of the OB1 plc board allowing you to execute OB1 application on your PC. Obe is particularly useful during the development of a PLC program when you have no access to the OB1 board. In this case OBE give you the opportunity to do not use the OB1 device yet making possible to run, debug and make all your OB1 program test on your PC. When OBE is active it is possible to see an image of the OB1 board in a windows. Here it is:

Obe board

The OB1 board (the physical one!) has a series of led indicating the status of the board. A logical signal 1 on the INPUT port 1 turn on the corresponding led 1. A running program setting the OUTPUT port 1 turn on the corresponding led 1. The same happens on the OBE emulator. The leds on the Obe image are turned on like on the real board. Furthermore double clicking on a led on the image permits to change status of the board, for instance to set an input port to 1. OBE works running a P-Code interpreter analogous to that one running on OB1. The P-Code interpreter running on OB1 is written in PIC MicroChip assembler where OBE interpreter is written in C#. OBE, like OB1, receives and answers to command that the OB1 development environment, Idebe, sends to it (for example start a step-by-step execution, stop the execution etc.). A connection parameter establishes if Idebe should communicate with OB1 (through a serial or ethernet port) or to OBE. Here it is the connection parameter window:

IDE connection

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